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About greenandco.de

greenandco.de was founded in 2011 with the aim of operating internet retailing with environmentally friendly and resource-saving products. Initially, our range included a variety of different products, such as Organic cotton blankets, sustainable bio-plastic storage boxes or electronic equipment solar chargers, just to name a few. But soon we realized that LED lighting would become our main topic. LED lamps were beginning to become attractive in terms of price and performance, and it was foreseeable that soon they would be superior to incandescent, halogen and energy-saving lamps in all areas. The potential for saving electricity was and is enormous, and therefore also the environmental benefits. On top of that, we already had in-depth knowledge in the field of lighting from previous work and thus had ideal conditions for creating our own LED brand (greenandco).

By the way, with our lamps we pay attention not only to price and performance, but also to safety and environmental compatibility beyond the pure energy savings. The safety of our products is very important to us. Greenandco® LED lamps meet all relevant national and European standards and are tested by independent institutes such as TÜV. Upon request, we will send you the certificates and test reports. We also regularly visit the production sites of our lamps and personally convince ourselves of the working and environmental conditions on site.

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond pure products: we prefer environmentally friendly cardboard packaging and do without unnecessary plastic. Although our electricity comes from the outlet, but from renewable sources of Greenpeace Energy. We join the initiative CO2 neutral website. As a supplier of sustainable and environmentally friendly light bulbs, it is only logical for us to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the online shop. The result is a climate-friendly surfing on www.greenandco.de.